Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Find a Good Handyman Like Locksmith

How to Find a Good Handyman in Melbourne

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Finding a handyman can be difficult sometimes. Many of us don't realise the need of a good handyman unless they are get into a situation where they need a good handyman. If you are in a situation where you have locked yourself out of your house or apartment, don't think you are stupid if you have done that because many "smart" people have done the same, will make you feel the need and will have you thinking what if things went wrong like this with everything that you have? you may have a flat tire on the road or a power failure or blocked or broken toilet that needs plumbing?

So you will need a handyman to fix your mishaps around the house or on the road. Who do you call when you need someone reliable? There are many options on the road.

If you have trouble on the highway like locking your car with keys inside or flat tires, there are several options that you may have.

  1.  Call the Police: The first thing you should do is get secured first. Your local police can help you open your car or call a tow truck while securing your vehicle and yourself.
  2.  Call a tow truck company: A tow truck can often help you with car troubles, So if you get stuck on the highway, call your nearest toeing company to come for your rescue
  3. Call a locksmith: If you need to open a locked door, you need a professional locksmith.

A locksmith can be your best friend in emergencies and can get you out of ugly situations. If you are in a situation where you have lost or broken your car keys and need to open your door or locked your car keys inside your vehicle, you should not panic. Stay calm nd get professional help. You may call a professional locksmith in Melbourne CBD, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from KZ ocksmiths in Melbourne or call 0403 110 047 or visit web at for roadside assistance. If you have just moved into a new house, it is a good idea to install new locks or have your locks re-keyed so that you have maximum security and making sure that all your doors are secured.

To find out a commercial and mobile locksmith in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs 24 hours a day seven days a week in emergency situation where you lost, broken or locked your keys inside your house or car and need duplicate keys or replacement keys, anytime in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in Melbourne. Call KZ Locksmiths in Melbourne for service at : 0403 110 047 or visit for more information

Armadale Locksmiths builds your security from ground up to your roof for keeping all your doors and windows locked.. They also work for Locksmith services such as lock fitting, key cutting, key replacement, lock replacement and also a major retailer in lock sales including deadlocks, panic bolts.

You may also call KZ Locksmiths for services like opening door locks or unlocking broken locks. If you have lost your keys or locked your keys inside your vehicle or house, do not panic and call Kerry at 0403 110 047 or visit web at

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Should You Do If You Have Locked Your Car-Keys Inside Your Car

How to Get into Your Car without Your Keys

Everyone who has ever locked their keys inside a car or apartment knows the  pain of locking keys inside and in reality, it does happen. It happens to most alert and responsible persons. So if you have done it, don't think of yourself as irresponsible or stupid. What should you do when the keys are safe inside a locked car?

Here are some tips to get out of the ugly situation and deal with it, if it happen to you…

1. Safety First: Do not panic. Go to a safe place, consider the situation around you, and also consider harsh weather, rain snow etc. then call the authorities. Most of the time police can help you to unlock doors with their slim jim.

2. Call Road Side Assistance: Again this depends on situation. If you are parked outside a shopping complex, calling police would be  best, but if you have a situation where you are parked on the street and you need to move your car then you may consider calling one of the agencies that offer road side assistance such as AAA or Alstate. If you do not have membership to such agencies, they may assist you with a small fee.

3. Call a Tow Truck: In a situation where you need to move your car immediately for risk of traffic or other hazrds, please call a Tow truck. They have ways to open locked doors.

4. Call a locksmith: There are many Locksmiths in Melbourne with professional mobile locksmith service, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week who will respond to your emergency call in 30 minutes or less. It is also a good idea to make spare keys and keep them safe with a friend or family member so they can get the keys to you if needed.

5. Get a Spare key from Dealer: Some dealers carry spare keys and can bring it to you if you are within their service area.

6. Attempt to open the door yourself: If your vehicle was made before 1980, you may be able to open the door yourself. This technique is very old. Use a wire hanger to get between the window glass and rubber. Slightly bend one end. Pull the latch out to unlock the door. You may also obtain slim-jim from a locksmith supplier. if they are nearby.

For electronic Locks

In modern cars, new vehicles come with electronic door openers or “digital keys” that will not lock doors with the keys in the vehicle. The downside is that if you lose the gadget, it can take days and hundreds of dollars to replace it, and you’ll probably need to have the vehicle towed to a dealer who will order a new key.

A manager of rent-a-car company has also claimed that electronic or remote access keys will work with your mobile phones. In his words if you have 2 remotes for the power locks, have the person with the other one call you on your cellphone and hold it to the phone while pressing the button, and at the same time you hold your phone close to and facing the car, this would open your car door.
"I am a manager for a large rental car company and we do this all the time when keys get locked in cars. All spares are kept at a central location about 40 miles from our branch, and rather than make the drive to get them or overnight them out, we use this nifty little trick. It absolutely works!!"


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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Locksmith Melbourne CBD and Suburbs | 24 Hours Emergency Locksmiths Armadale Melbourne

Five Simple Security Tips

Below are five important but simple tips for securing your homes and belongings. 

1. Lock Your Doors and Windows Before You Leave.You would be surprised how many people fail to follow this simple rule. Do not ignore the chances of intruders breaking in specially if they find easy access to your property. So secure your property with good security door locks and alarm systems, 

2. Keep all your curtains closed - If the intruders are unable to determine if you have anything valuable inside, they will be less likely to break into your home.

3. Change Locks -if you just moved in or bought a new piece of property, it is good idea to change all your external locks. That way if a cleaner or service man has spare keys, it eliminate risks or intruders. You may even re-key locks if your locks are in good condition.

4. Get a home security systems - It is always good idea to connect an electronic security system for surveillance so if someone breaks into your home, to both detect the intrusion but also deter the intruder from spending too much time inside your property.

Emergency Mobile Locksmiths in Melbourne - Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Hope you find these information useful. Please practice safety habits. Leave me a comment so that I get motivated and makes me feel the moments I have shared here was worthwhile. Cheers.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Benefits of a Locksmith

Many of us often fail to realize how much we need tradesmen like locksmiths at certain crucial times in our lives. Unknown to some of us, there are many things that can prompt us to seek the services of these skilled people.

The job of a locksmith is to help fix locks on our doors and any other structures that require restriction in exit and entrance. It could be when we are just moving into a property, or when we need to upgrade the locks of a building.

Sometimes, we may even need to replace the locks in our cars; in such cases, our minds often wandertowards our local mechanics. Nevertheless, locksmiths are also up to the task. 

Many people find themselves at a loss as to how to get a good locksmith; visitors and residents in places like Melbourne often find it difficult to locate a good locksmith to attend to their needs. One of the surest ways to find a locksmith in Melbourne is to talk with neighbours, colleagues and friends, as there is always a good chance that one of them must have used a good one before.

The internet is another good place to search within the city of Melbourne for a locksmith that is experienced yet affordable. This system allows you to check prices beforehand as well as check the proximity of particular locksmiths to your location; proximity is often of great concern in cases of emergencies.

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When you come home from a busy day, you always expect to relax in peace. But it is not always so. At times things go wrong and the unexpected happens. I get days where I think to myself, it was not worth getting up this morning. Today was one of those days.

Locked Out by Jeremy Stockwell
Car Locksmiths Armadale
My day started out just like any other day. I woke up, finished washing and dressed myself ready to go to work. After I had my breakfast, finished my coffee and morning paper, got out of the house and went to my car, which was parked outside my apartment. I came to my car and started to look for my car keys. I was going through my pocket when I realised that my car keys were lying on my breakfast table. I also realised that I had locked my front door on my way out and there were no way of getting in. I looked at my clock and I was being late for work. I started to panic. I called my boss, and he said to get a  locksmith and get everything straightened out.
Ok, so who to call? I was standing outside trying to think, then my next door neighbour came out and gave me this number to call, Armadale Locksmiths Call : 0403 110 047.  He said he had called them few weeks ago when he had locked his keys in his car. The locksmiths had come to his rescue and opened the door. He also said they were very prompt and professional in their work.

So I gave them a call. It took them about 15 minutes to get there but this was quicker than I had expected. Any how the guy pulls up in his van and looked at my door. The guy started working immediately. And in about 2 minutes, my door was open.

Amazing, isn’t it? It was for me because the door did look complicated to me. It was one of those dead-bolt locks that can be locked from inside, but very strong. What a relief.

That was the start of the day. But I knew it was only the beginning.