Tuesday, September 4, 2012


When you come home from a busy day, you always expect to relax in peace. But it is not always so. At times things go wrong and the unexpected happens. I get days where I think to myself, it was not worth getting up this morning. Today was one of those days.

Locked Out by Jeremy Stockwell
Car Locksmiths Armadale
My day started out just like any other day. I woke up, finished washing and dressed myself ready to go to work. After I had my breakfast, finished my coffee and morning paper, got out of the house and went to my car, which was parked outside my apartment. I came to my car and started to look for my car keys. I was going through my pocket when I realised that my car keys were lying on my breakfast table. I also realised that I had locked my front door on my way out and there were no way of getting in. I looked at my clock and I was being late for work. I started to panic. I called my boss, and he said to get a  locksmith and get everything straightened out.
Ok, so who to call? I was standing outside trying to think, then my next door neighbour came out and gave me this number to call, Armadale Locksmiths Call : 0403 110 047.  He said he had called them few weeks ago when he had locked his keys in his car. The locksmiths had come to his rescue and opened the door. He also said they were very prompt and professional in their work.

So I gave them a call. It took them about 15 minutes to get there but this was quicker than I had expected. Any how the guy pulls up in his van and looked at my door. The guy started working immediately. And in about 2 minutes, my door was open.

Amazing, isn’t it? It was for me because the door did look complicated to me. It was one of those dead-bolt locks that can be locked from inside, but very strong. What a relief.

That was the start of the day. But I knew it was only the beginning.