Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Should You Do If You Have Locked Your Car-Keys Inside Your Car

How to Get into Your Car without Your Keys

Everyone who has ever locked their keys inside a car or apartment knows the  pain of locking keys inside and in reality, it does happen. It happens to most alert and responsible persons. So if you have done it, don't think of yourself as irresponsible or stupid. What should you do when the keys are safe inside a locked car?

Here are some tips to get out of the ugly situation and deal with it, if it happen to you…

1. Safety First: Do not panic. Go to a safe place, consider the situation around you, and also consider harsh weather, rain snow etc. then call the authorities. Most of the time police can help you to unlock doors with their slim jim.

2. Call Road Side Assistance: Again this depends on situation. If you are parked outside a shopping complex, calling police would be  best, but if you have a situation where you are parked on the street and you need to move your car then you may consider calling one of the agencies that offer road side assistance such as AAA or Alstate. If you do not have membership to such agencies, they may assist you with a small fee.

3. Call a Tow Truck: In a situation where you need to move your car immediately for risk of traffic or other hazrds, please call a Tow truck. They have ways to open locked doors.

4. Call a locksmith: There are many Locksmiths in Melbourne with professional mobile locksmith service, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week who will respond to your emergency call in 30 minutes or less. It is also a good idea to make spare keys and keep them safe with a friend or family member so they can get the keys to you if needed.

5. Get a Spare key from Dealer: Some dealers carry spare keys and can bring it to you if you are within their service area.

6. Attempt to open the door yourself: If your vehicle was made before 1980, you may be able to open the door yourself. This technique is very old. Use a wire hanger to get between the window glass and rubber. Slightly bend one end. Pull the latch out to unlock the door. You may also obtain slim-jim from a locksmith supplier. if they are nearby.

For electronic Locks

In modern cars, new vehicles come with electronic door openers or “digital keys” that will not lock doors with the keys in the vehicle. The downside is that if you lose the gadget, it can take days and hundreds of dollars to replace it, and you’ll probably need to have the vehicle towed to a dealer who will order a new key.

A manager of rent-a-car company has also claimed that electronic or remote access keys will work with your mobile phones. In his words if you have 2 remotes for the power locks, have the person with the other one call you on your cellphone and hold it to the phone while pressing the button, and at the same time you hold your phone close to and facing the car, this would open your car door.
"I am a manager for a large rental car company and we do this all the time when keys get locked in cars. All spares are kept at a central location about 40 miles from our branch, and rather than make the drive to get them or overnight them out, we use this nifty little trick. It absolutely works!!"


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